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Opportunities at Health Clubs/Court Facilities

Where can it be used?
  • Ideally suited for all indoor court sports (squash, racketball, basketball, badminton, volleyball, etc.)
  • Also usable for outdoor sports if power is available and an outdoor camera is purchased.
What benefits does it provide the club/facility?
  • Increase conversion of new members by providing a competitive and valuable tool to the participants
  • Easily used as a marketing tool by including YouTube video links in email/web marketing communications
  • Gain possible leads for new members by virtue of archived (and live) content being available on YouTube
  • Increase social media marketing presence by leveraging YouTube's sharing/analytics/likes/embedding/comments
What makes it so different and useful?
  • New technology only available from the company (
  • Uses the most popular IP cameras available (
  • Leverages all the strengths of YouTube yielding a very low cost solution:
    • No bandwidth charges
    • No archive fees
    • Unlimited archiving (!)
    • Automatic interval recording (e.g. every hour, every 45 mins, etc.)
    • Best-in-class viewing experience for laptop, desktop, tablet, iPhone, Android, etc.
    • Highly configurable and tailored to your club
Low Cost
  • Other than camera purchase and one-time fee for YouTube streaming module ($200 USD), the monthly fees start at $49.95 (USD) and go down to ($29.95) based on the number of cameras deployed

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