Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is an IP or "network camera" vs a webcam??
Answer: An IP/network camera connects to the Internet directly vs. connecting to your computer. It can be wireless or wired.
Question: Must I use Axis cameras?
Answer: Yes - they are the only ones that support conversion of the RTSP stream to RTMP.
Question: What Axis cameras do you support?
Answer: Choose any from the list on this page that has the column "Axis Camera Application Platform" checked.
Question: Can the camera be wireless?
Answer: Yes.
Question: Can the camera be connected to a network that has Internet access from satellite?
Answer: Yes, but performance will not be very good and you'll have to reduce the frame rate and other parameters.
Question: What is the required speed for my Internet connection?
Answer: It depends at what resolution you want to broadcast. Here are the following recommendations:
ProfileResolutionMax rateRecommended rateMinimum rate
Question: Does the camera need access to the Internet?
Answer: Yes.
Question: Can I buy the camera from you?
Answer: Yes, this is preferable if you don't already have one, as we configure and ship it to you ready to go. If you already have a compatible Axis camera, you can install a "screen share" program such as or Teamviewer and we can configure things for you.
Question: Do I need a YouTube account?
Answer: Yes. Normally we create this for you and configure it and send you the credentials to login and customize as you see fit.
Question: Are the videos public or private on YouTube?
Answer: You can set them to public, private, or unlisted.
Question: What firewall settings do I need?
Answer: outgoing TCP on ports 80, 443 and 1935 (for YouTube).
Question: How do I know what my connection speed is?
Answer: There are many speed test services, e.g.
Question: Can I be notified if the camera stops broadcasting for some reason?
Answer: Yes. We'll send you a text or email in such event.
Question: Can this be used for security vs. infotainment?
Answer: Yes! Much better than expensive hardware solution which is vulnerable to someone destroying or stealing the DVR. Also most traditional solutions require hardwired cameras (which are difficult to install) or the expense is likely tremendous.
Question: Do you have access to my YouTube account or is private??
Answer: Once we have setup the account, you can change your YouTube password to anything you like. We will not have access to your content.

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