Security Applications

Stratacam is an ideal solution for many security applications, especially commerical security applications.

  • Most DVR-based systems come with wired cameras. Upgrading to wireless cameras can be extremely expensive and this is a way many of the DVR-security system vendors make a substantial amount of money. In contrast, Stratacam works with wireless cameras that support HD and sophisticated motion detection, for only $170 (quanity one).

  • Because Stratacam streams to YouTube and stores the archived video safely and securely, there is no risk of someone destroying the DVR that normally resides at a facility recording the video. As well, if there is fire, all footage is safe at YouTube with no risk to the content.

  • Stratacam has a much lower price of initial entry (compared to DVR vendors) because no DVR is used and so a substantially lower capital outlay is required. Simply purchase the desired cameras (you are not forced into a package of a specific number of cameras, which most DVR vendors require). Then, a low monthly payment is all that is required to enjoy the many benefits of Stratacam.

  • Stratacam supports sophisticated motion detection, and confirable alarms when motion is detected (e.g. send a text message or email). A full list of all motion-detected events is easily accessibly from the website and is stored forever (with no time limit). Events that are not useful, can easily be deleted, and events that are useful can be annotated with descriptions.
  • Stratacam supports unlimited storage. No DVR vendor can physically offer this option. Extended storage from DVR
    vendors is extremely expensive as it required more storage hardware.

  • Stratacam supports an administrative user and "view-only" users to delegate reviewing of events and recordings, but without the ability to manage any settings on the account.

  • By virtue of the content being stored and accesible at YouTube (privately), you have access to the most advanced world-class tools to view the videos on both computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. In fact, YouTube offers many post-processing tools to adjust for lighting, slow motion, and creation and sharing of derivative clips.
  • Finally, Stratacam has a special mode of operation ideal for construction sites (and other applications). Instead of always streaming and recording 24x7, only motion events are uploaded. This does not require the YouTube streaming module (cost savings) and is perfect for construction sites with LTE/cellular connections with limited bandwidth.

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